May 30, 2008

Brockport Train Depot

The Brockport Train Depot on Park Ave, in winter. At it's height, 12 passenger trains a day from the Niagara Falls Line of the New York Central Railroad, stopped here to take people to Rochester and other stops east and west. (click for larger view)

May 24, 2008

Alumni House - SUNY Brockport

This is the Alumni House at SUNY Brockport, built in 1872. It is located on the front lawn of Hartwell Hall, shown here in this image. Taken in September of 1999. (click for larger view)

May 21, 2008

Summer Night on the Erie Canal

A Summer night on the Erie Canal in Brockport...
This was taken in August of 1997, when Jimmy Macs was still in this location. Now I think it's called The Port. This is a nice place to enjoy a drink and dinner, outdoors in the nice warm twilight of August.... (click for larger view)

May 18, 2008

Brockport Diner

Here is a night view of the Brockport Diner, with the glow if the neon lighting up Sagawa park in front of it. From Main St. looking down Erie St., you can just see the telephone tower in the sky behind the diner. Taken in September of 1999. (click for larger view)

May 16, 2008

Brockport Main Street Lift Bridge

This is the Brockport Main St. lift bridge at night, looking north. With a wide angle lens up close, it gives you a good perspective of how the stairs connect to the raised bridge. I remember as a kid the operators would let you get on the bridge and ride it up and down as long as you stayed away from the edges. Now I think you lucky if you can catch it up in time to cross all the way before it goes down...(click for larger view)

May 10, 2008

Brockport Soldiers' Monument at Sunset

Here is another image of the Soldier's Monument on Owens Rd, at sunset. This was back in 1983, when it still had half of the top window area intact. This is looking east towards the Mt. Olivet Cemetery. Here is the location.. (click for larger view)

May 4, 2008

Aerial of Brockport Looking East

This aeriel image of Brockport looking east, captures a lot of detail... you can see the city of Rochester at the horizon about 1/3 from the right corner, Kodak park in the middle, and Lake Ontario to the left. You can also find the Soldier's Monument in the woods just above the old Owens factory site. I love that it shows how the canal curves around the village... Taken June of 1998. (click for larger view)