November 25, 2008

Strand Theater

What a difference 11 years makes...
Here is a recent image of the Strand Theater, and as you can see it is in serious need of repairs. In this image taken in 1997, it was in pretty good condition, now you can see rust holes in many places, plus not all the neon is working. (not to mention they are using 3's for E's...) Recently the Strand Celebrated 100 years, and there was a celebration and fundraiser to try and raise money to restore the marquee. Let's hope we can make this happen, so we don't see Brockport's Strand end up like the one in Pennsylvania. Taken October 5th, 2008. (click for larger view)

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Andrea said...

I love your picture blog of Brockport! I moved to brockport when I was in 2nd grade and lived there up until I graduated from High School in 1999. My family and I lived at 270 South Main St. on the corner of Main & Brockway Place across the street from the Capen Hose. Shortly after I left for college, my step dad got relocated to the Syracuse area for his work and they sold our house. I miss Brockport a lot and sometimes wish that my family still lived there. Since I no longer have any ties there, I don't get a chance to go back and visit very much. It has been a couple of years now, but it always feels good to go back and just drive around and reminisce. I spent a long time going through all of your pictures, they're beautiful. I found it back in Oct. and bookmarked it and thought I'd come back and check out your updates. Keep up the picture taking and history lessons. I love learning about my hometown! Oh and I love the strand, I was just telling my boyfriend about it the other day, and how it was within walking distance from my house and my friends and I used to go there all the time. It was nice not having to wade through a busy mall just to see a movie. I hope it gets the repairs it needs to stay in business. It adds so much to the town!